DENVER (KDVR) — Property owners in Denver are required to clear sidewalks after snow stops falling and risk fines if they do not comply. However, will this requirement be enforced during dangerously low temperatures?

In most cities in the metro area, residences must clear sidewalks 24 hours after a snowstorm ends. If the snow is not cleared, residents can face fines.

The City and County of Denver told FOX31 that inspections will not happen Thursday.

In Denver, if an inspector sees snow and ice blocking a sidewalk after the 24 hours, they will leave a notice. A re-inspection will happen 24 hours after that and there is the potential for a $150 fine.

“We expect that the right and safe time [to shovel snow] will be as temperatures rise later this weekend,” a spokesperson with Denver said.

The City of Aurora will also not have staff out to enforce the snow shoveling rules.

“Depending on the amount of snowfall they will be inspecting on Friday based on complaints,” a spokesperson said.

It was not known if other Denver metro cities will waive the requirements for the storm.