DENVER (KDVR) — Halloween is on Tuesday, and Denver is looking at highs in the upper 40s during the day with sunny skies, and low 40s by the evening. While this sounds chilly for trick-or-treating, it’s nowhere near the coldest Halloween in history.

According to the National Weather Service, the coldest Halloween on record wasn’t too long ago when it hit 7 degrees in 2019.

This may sound miserable, but probably not as awful as Halloween in 1972 when it snowed 8 inches in Denver.

While it isn’t nearly close to the warmest Halloween on record, which was 79 degrees in 2016 and 1950, the historical probability it’s going to snow is low (12%). The last time it snowed on Halloween was five years ago in 2018.

Halloween in past years has been all over the place from one of the warmest years in 2016 to the coldest in 2019. This Oct. 31 is not looking too bad.

On average, Halloween temperatures hit a high of 57.1 degrees in Denver with a low of 31.4 degrees.

According to the Pinpoint Weather team, Tuesday is looking at low 40s in the late evening, which is on average for Halloween throughout Denver’s history.

Low-40s are still cold, but it might be just enough for costumes to show through unzipped coats.