DENVER (KDVR) — The Pinpoint Weather team said Tuesday will likely be the final 90-degree day of 2022. A big cold front will arrive overnight, dropping high temperatures into the 60s.

Here’s what we know about the cooldown:

  • Clouds will increase in the western part of the state first, with gusty winds expected by late Tuesday evening.
  • Rain showers will build overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.
  • This storm system could bring more than 2 inches of rain to western Colorado, with more than half an inch to parts of the Front Range.
  • Highs on Wednesday will drop into the low 60s for the Denver metro area.
  • Conditions will dry out on Friday.
  • Highs will be in the 70s for the weekend for the Denver metro area.

The first day of fall arrives on Thursday.

When will the first freeze happen?

The average date of the first freeze of the season in Denver is Oct. 7. The earliest first freeze on record was Sept. 8, 1962. The record for the latest first freeze was Nov. 15, 1944.

When could it snow?

The average date of the first snowfall in Denver is Oct. 18.

The first measurable snowfall of the 2021 season did not arrive until Dec. 10, which is the latest first snowfall on record.

On the flip side, the first measurable snowfall of the 2020 winter season came on Sept. 8, which is tied for the second earliest snowfall on record. 

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