DENVER (KDVR) — Some parts of Colorado will experience blizzard conditions on Monday night into Tuesday while other areas of the state will only see an inch of snow.

The Pinpoint Weather team has issued a Pinpoint Weather Alert Day for Tuesday.

Meteorologist Travis Michels said this storm has been difficult for the Pinpoint Weather team to forecast because models were showing different outcomes.

“Models weren’t in great agreement through the end of last week and it all depended on the track of the low-pressure system. Some models took it further south, others went further north. Luckily, the models were in much better agreement over the weekend and today, with the center of low pressure pushing across the middle of the state, exiting in the northeast corner of the state. This track allows for more snow in the eastern plains all thanks to the wind direction,” Michels said.

Why isn’t Denver going to get much snow with this storm?

Denver and the Front Range will see a total of 1 to 4 inches of accumulation with this storm system.

Why does it seem like the metro area is getting missed with this storm?

“It’s really all dependent on the wind direction as the center of the storm pushes through the middle of the state. For Denver to get good snow we need a northeast wind, which allows for upsloping. This is where wind blows from the plains and up the foothills, where it rises, cools, gains moisture and the Front Range gets snow,” Michels said.

On the opposite side is downsloping, which is a wind that drops down the foothills, while drying out and warming up the air.

“So, with all of that, what will we get tomorrow? We have some wind out of the northeast overnight, but mostly we’ll see a northwest wind, which provides enough moisture out along the plains, but not along the Front Range,” Michels explained.

Where to see weather alerts

If a winter alert is issued for your area, whether it is a blizzard watch or warning, winter weather advisory or winter storm warning, it will always show up at the top of the FOX31 website. You can see all weather alerts here.

The Pinpoint Weather team will continue to update the forecast multiple times each day.