DENVER (KDVR) — It’s been a hot summer in Denver and as we near the end of August, it’s looking like one of the hottest summers on record.

Here’s how we get the average temperature for each month: Average out the daily high and low temperature, then add the daily averages and divide by the days in the month. For the average summer temperature, we average the monthly temperatures for June, July and August.

For June, Denver averaged 70.2 degrees, which doesn’t even make it into the 20 warmest Junes.
For July, Denver averaged 78 degrees, which was the second hottest July ever on record!
For August (through the 25th), Denver averaged 76.3 degrees, which could put 2022 as the third hottest August.

So, for the summer of 2022, the average temperature for Denver is 74.7 degrees.

The hottest summer in Denver was in 2012 when the average temperature was 76.3 degrees. The past two years round out the top three with the summer average temperature near 75 degrees.

At the moment through Thursday, Denver looks to have the third hottest summer on record. Even averaging out the rest of the month with the Pinpoint Weather Team’s forecast, we would still tie 2021 as the third hottest summer at 74.6 degrees.