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DENVER (KDVR) — It has been a hot summer in Denver, and with the season halfway over, summer 2022 has already written itself into the history books.

Taking a look at the statistics so far, summer 2022 has already broken two record highs on July 9 and July 18 hitting the triple-digit mark, Denver International Airport has had four 100-degree days as of Tuesday and now 2022 has moved up to the fifth spot for the hottest day on record.

Monday, July 18, was the fifth hottest day on record by average temperature. The average temperature for the entire day sat at a toasty 86 degrees.

Meteorologist Chris Tomer with the Pinpoint Weather Team described how to calculate the average daily temperature by taking the day’s highest temperature and adding it to the day’s lowest temperature and then diving that by two. Monday’s high was 100 degrees and the low was 72 degrees, making the average daily 86 degrees.

Calculating the average daily temperature for July 18.

July 18’s temperature put the day in the top five hottest days in Denver. The hottest day in Denver on record was set back in 2012.

July 18 made history as the fifth hottest day in Denver.

The average daily temperature is a helpful measure that gives a more accurate sense of how the entire day’s temperature affects people from sunrise to sunset.

There are still two months until the official start of fall, and Denver has plenty of time to break more records. Friday could hit triple digits and break yet another record.

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