DENVER (KDVR) — Denver’s Fourth of July weather this year will be very normal compared to some years in the past.

The forecast for July 4, 2022, shows a high of around 92 degrees in Denver with a 20% chance for isolated storms. The last few years have been similar, although the Fourth of July stayed dry in 2021.

The average high temperature on July 4 in Denver is about 88 degrees, meaning the past few years have had above-average temperatures on that day.

Despite the typical weather Denver has seen the last few years on July 4, there have been some very hot, cold, and rainy Fourth of July holidays in the past.

The warmest July 4 on record in the city was back in 1874, with a temperature of 102 degrees.

There have also been some cool temperatures on the holiday. The coolest high temperature on record was 59 degrees in 1972, with the coolest low temperature being 42 degrees in 1903.

Back in 2010, Denver picked up 1.84 inches of rain on July 4, which is almost equal to the average amount of rainfall that Denver sees in the entire month of July.