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DENVER (KDVR) — Denverites, you did not suffer the cold and snow this month without anything to show for it.

January 2023 in Denver made it into the top 20 coldest and snowiest Januaries in the city, according to Pinpoint Weather Meteorologist Jessica Lebel.

January 2023: Snow records

Denver saw 13 inches of snow this month, which ties with 1989 for the 15th snowiest January on record, Lebel said.

Denver measured 13 inches of snow at Denver International Airport, which ties with 1989 for the 15th snowiest January on record, and doubled the average monthly snowfall of 6.5 inches.

However, Denver did not see enough snow to surpass 2022’s 13.4 inches of snow.

While 2023 did not make it onto the list, here are the top five snowiest Januaries in Denver:

  1. 1992 – 24.9 inches
  2. 1949 – 22.2 inches
  3. 1883 – 20.5 inches
  4. 1948 – 19.2 inches
  5. 1959 – 17.4 inches

Lebel said Denver only saw three days this month — Jan. 15-17 — without at least an inch of snow on the ground.

A week ago, it was unsure if the Denver metro would see enough cold and snow to make it into the history books, but it did.

January 2023: Cold records

The average temperature for January is 31.7 degrees. But this January, we only averaged 25.2 degrees, Lebel said.

January 2023 had an average monthly temperature of 25.2 degrees, ending as the 18th coldest on record. The coldest January ever recorded in Denver was back in 1930 with an average temperature of 16.9 degrees.

And while it did not beat the state record of 61 degrees below zero set in 1985, Jackson County registered at 42 degrees below zero Tuesday.

Denver has also experienced over 87 hours of below-freezing temperatures as of 5 p.m. Tuesday, according to the Pinpoint Weather team.