DENVER (KDVR) — The 2022-23 snow season started off with impressive above-average snowfall, but accumulation has decreased since February.

The bar graph below shows the month-to-month snowfall for Denver this winter season (blue) compared to the monthly average snowfall (white).

Denver had three months in a row with well above average snowfall totals to kick off the season along with December and January picking up 13 inches each.

By February, snowfall totals greatly decreased for Denver with only 4.7 inches of snow. It was the only month this winter season so far that ended with below-average totals.

Comparing this winter to last in the bar graph below, last winter season started off slow with only a trace of snowfall in November and 4.8 inches in December.

Snowfall accumulation picked up in 2022 in January and February with over a foot measured in both months.

This March has been a “dud” in terms of snow for Denver with only 1.5 inches so far while last March had over 13 inches of snow.