DENVER (KDVR) – The snow season has officially come to an end here in Denver. Despite snowy months in January, February, and March, the season ended over 7 inches below the average.

The recent May snowstorm boosted Denver’s season snowfall total to 49.4 inches to end the season. An average winter snow season brings 56.9 inches of snow to Denver.

This year ended 7.5 inches below the average. Not bad, considering the first snow of the season didn’t happen until December 10.

If we break down how much snow Denver saw each month there were three months this winter that overperformed.

These months were January, February, and March, which all brought over a foot of snow down at Denver International Airport. All three of these months ended above average.

April was the “dud” of the season with only a trace of snow falling in Denver. That is 8.8 inches below the average. This was a disappointment because April is historically Denver’s second snowiest month of the year.