DENVER (KDVR) — Hot temperatures are expected to stay in Denver for at least the next week. Denver usually sees its last 90-degree day by the first week of September but this year, it could be even longer.

The average high temperature in Denver this time of year is 85 degrees. Tuesday’s high temperature hit 93 degrees.

Temperatures are forecast to run above average for the next seven days.

The average last 90-degree day for Denver is Sept. 4. In the last three years, Denver saw its last 90-degree temperature of the year past the average date and it’s likely that this year will be similar.

In 2021, the last 90-degree day was Sept. 18. In 2020, Denver saw 90-degree heat up until Sept. 24, and in 2019 the last 90-degree day was Sept. 9.

Temperatures are forecast to stay up in the 90s until at least next Tuesday in Denver.