DENVER (KDVR) — It only took two weeks, but Denver International Airport finally recorded its first amount of measurable snow for the month of March.

While Thursday’s snowstorm didn’t end with any major totals, according to the National Weather Service it dropped 1.5 inches of snow at DIA marking it the first measurable snow of the month.

Snow totals for March 16
While Thursday’s snowstorm didn’t end with any major totals, some areas saw measurable snow.

Normally, March is Denver’s snowiest month with an average of 11.5 inches of accumulation. But this year, March has had a drier start than usual putting the city way behind track for monthly snowfall.

However, Pinpoint Weather Meteorologist Travis Michels said we are still above our seasonal total of snowfall to date.

DIA was above average for snowfall through February, and even with a drier-than-normal March, the city is still exceeding its normal snowfall. As of Thursday, DIA has seen 43.1 inches of snow, and on average, the city is at 40.6 inches.

Thanks to the bigger storms and higher totals from earlier in the year, this lackluster March hasn’t had too much of an effect on our seasonal total.

This March looks like it will underperform in terms of snowfall for the rest of the month, unlike two years ago when Denver received a “Pi Day Blizzard” that dropped 27 inches in two days.

There is still some hope that Denver will continue to keep up with its average snowfall numbers as April is just around the corner and it’s Denver’s second snowiest month.