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DENVER (KDVR) – Memorial Day weather this year in Denver is going to be fairly normal compared to some past years with extreme weather.

The forecast for this year is a high of around 73 degrees with a 20% chance for storms. The three years prior had cooler temperatures with highs in the 60s and 2019 did have a little bit of rain.

As Coloradans know, the weather can be extreme in the spring in Denver.

The warmest Memorial Day in Denver was 93 degrees back in 1989. The coldest Memorial Day temperature was 35 degrees in 1983.

The end of May is typically a stormy time of year for Colorado. The Memorial Day with the most rain in Denver was in 1938, which brought 1.63 inches of rainfall.

Back in 2011, there was a trace of snowfall on Memorial Day in Denver. A trace of snow has happened several times on this specific holiday but there has never been a measurable amount of snow.