DENVER (KDVR) — Spring in Colorado can bring just about any type of weather. This has been on full display on Easter Sundays for the last few years.

Normally this time of year in Denver, low temperatures start around freezing, then climb to a high in the lower 60s. Within the last five years in Denver, Easter Sunday has ranged from 80 degrees and sunny in 2021 to 34 degrees with light snow showers in 2020.

And these are far from the most extreme conditions that have been recorded on Easter Sunday. Official record-keeping for Easter in Denver dates back to 1872, with more accurate snowfall data starting in 1921.

Denver’s warmest Easter on record was April 14, 1963. The high temperature that day climbed to 83 degrees, which is still the daily record for April 14.

The coldest Easter temperature recorded in Denver was on April 4, 1920. The early morning low fell to only 6 degrees, which is still the daily record. High temperatures that day only recovered to 33 degrees alongside 0.5 inches of snowfall.

March and April are typically Denver’s snowiest months, so Easter Sunday is not always dry.

The wettest Easter on record was April 23, 1905. That day, we picked up 1.72 inches of rain.

The snowiest Easter on Record was back in 1891. On March 29, 1891, we picked up 9.2 inches of snow.

The weather this weekend in Denver is looking very nice for outdoor plans. There will be plenty of sunshine and a warming trend that carries on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Temperatures will not be record-setting but will be in the lower 40s for sunrise services, reach the mid-60s by noon and max out at 68 degrees in Denver on Easter Sunday.