DENVER (KDVR) — It has been a wet stretch of days in the Denver area, and now that totals are coming in, we know that records have been set for May 10, 11 and 12.

A daily record was set on May 11, as 2.92 inches of rain were measured at Denver International Airport. That shattered the previous record of 1.55 inches set in 2011.

Heavy rainfall began in Denver on May 10. While that daily total was not record-setting, the metro airport recorded 0.65 inches of much-needed moisture. Rainfall continued with accumulations of 2.92 inches on May 11 and 0.83 inches recorded on May 12.

The 2.92 inches of rain recorded on May 11 not only set a daily record but is now the eighth-highest daily rainfall for the Denver area. Two-day rainfall totals of 3.75 inches are the third wettest and our three-day rainfall total of 4.40 inches is now the fifth on record.

This brings our May 2023 rainfall total to 4.47 inches. This is more than double the 2.16 inches of rainfall that Denver usually picks up for the month of May and is now the 12th wettest May on record. This is also nearly one-third of Denver’s annual 15.45 inches of rain.

Around the Denver metro, there were even higher rainfall totals reported including 7.12 inches of rain in Ponderosa Park.