DENVER (KDVR) — Despite a decently wet start to the month of September, Denver is running over 2 inches below the average year-to-date precipitation.

Denver has measured 0.72 inches of precipitation so far this September. That is about 0.2 inches above the average to date for the month.

An average September in Denver sees about 1.35 inches of precipitation. It’s the 12th of the month, and Denver is already about halfway to the monthly average thanks to 0.5 inches of rain on Sept. 2 and a few rounds of showers last weekend.

Many parts of the Front Range picked up decent rainfall totals during this year’s monsoon season but unfortunately, Denver International Airport was missed by the heavy rain.

With that being said, although Denver has below-average yearly precipitation, many other places along the Front Range do not.

Denver has had 9.28 inches of rain this year. The average to date is 11.68 inches making Denver about 2.4 inches behind the average.