DENVER (KDVR) — October is going out with a bang, as several inches of snow fell across Colorado on Saturday and Sunday.

Winter is officially here, and whether you think the snow was a trick or a treat, it came just in time for Halloween. The Denver metro and the Front Range had their first measurable snow of the season.

A Pinpoint Weather Alert Day was issued on Saturday and Sunday. Winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories have been issued until noon on Sunday.

How much did it snow?

The table below includes preliminary snow totals reported to the National Weather Service on Oct. 28-29.

The table is sorted in alphabetical order by county. This data was taken as of 7 a.m. on Monday, and will continuously be updated as the snow tapers off.

CountyLocationMeasured snow
Adams2 NW Strasburg3.5
Adams2 NW Strasburg5.5
Adams2 NE Thornton4.1
Adams1 W Brighton4.2
Adams4 NNW Aurora7
Adams2 NE Westminster4.9
Adams2 NE Northglenn4.4
Adams1 SE Todd Creek2.5
Adams3 S Federal Heights5.4
Adams3 SE Federal Heights6
Adams1 NW Bennett6.3
Adams1 NW Federal Heights5
Adams2 NW Strasburg7
Adams1 ENE Westminster5.8
Adams3 S Barr Lake4.9
Adams1 W Northglenn5.7
Adams1 SW Northglenn4
Adams1 WSW Northglenn5
Arapahoe1 SE Littleton2.5
Arapahoe4 S Bennett4.6
Arapahoe3 NE Cherry Creek Reser4
Arapahoe1 SE Littleton5
Arapahoe3 NNE Cherry Creek Rese6.4
Arapahoe1 WSW Aurora6.1
Arapahoe3 N Cherry Creek Reserv8.5
Arapahoe3 N Cherry Creek Reserv8.5
Arapahoe1 N Englewood8.7
Arapahoe1 SE Littleton7.9
Arapahoe4 E Foxfield5.1
Arapahoe4 ESE Foxfield5.1
Arapahoe3 WSW Aurora8.8
Arapahoe3 N Foxfield6.5
Arapahoe2 W Aurora5.7
Arapahoe2 SW Cherry Hills Villa6.4
Arapahoe2 SSW Aurora7.1
Arapahoe2 ESE Foxfield6.5
Arapahoe2 E Foxfield4
Arapahoe1 NE Littleton8
Arapahoe1 ENE Littleton7.1
Arapahoe10 E Arapahoe Park7.3
Arapahoe3 N Cherry Creek Reserv7.3
Arapahoe1 N Centennial8
Arapahoe1 N Centennial8
Arapahoe2 WSW Centennial7
Arapahoe1 WNW Cherry Creek Rese9.5
Arapahoe4 ESE Foxfield7.1
Arapahoe1 NE Englewood8.7
Arapahoe3 SW Aurora10.4
Arapahoe2 WSW Buckley AFB8.3
Arapahoe3 S Buckley AFB8
Arapahoe3 ENE Cherry Creek Rese8.1
Arapahoe3 SW Arapahoe Park8
Arapahoe3 S Aurora9.5
Arapahoe3 SE Aurora8.7
Arapahoe4 S Bennett6.3
Arapahoe3 N Foxfield7.3
Arapahoe1 SE Littleton8.8
Arapahoe3 W Arapahoe Park7
Boulder4 NE Nederland1
Boulder2 N Longmont2
Boulder1 NNW Louisville3.2
Boulder2 NNW Marshall4.5
Boulder2 SSW Boulder5.5
Boulder1 WNW Crescent Village2.8
Boulder2 N Longmont3
Boulder2 N Longmont3
Boulder3 SSW Boulder5.9
Boulder3 SSE Hygiene4.7
Boulder3 S Hygiene4.5
Boulder3 NW Louisville4
Boulder3 NW Lafayette3.9
Boulder3 NNE Pinecliffe3.5
Boulder2 WNW Erie3.4
Boulder2 W Boulder4.7
Boulder2 W Boulder4.5
Boulder2 S Boulder5.5
Boulder2 NW Lafayette2.9
Boulder2 NW Boulder6.3
Boulder2 NW Boulder5.2
Boulder2 NNW Marshall3.8
Boulder2 N Longmont3
Boulder2 NE Rollinsville4.9
Boulder1 WSW Lafayette3.5
Boulder1 WNW Boulder5
Boulder1 W Boulder5.5
Boulder1 SE Boulder5.5
Boulder1 NNE Lafayette3
Boulder1 N Sunshine4.5
Boulder1 SW Eldora14
Boulder5 E Jamestown4
Boulder1 ENE Boulder4.7
Boulder2 W Niwot4
Boulder3 SSE Boulder5.3
Boulder4 NE Nederland4.8
Boulder2 N Louisville3.5
Boulder3 NE Longmont5
Boulder3 N Pinecliffe4.4
Boulder2 W Boulder4.2
Boulder2 SSE Boulder5.3
Boulder2 NW Boulder5
Boulder2 E Longmont3.9
Boulder2 E Longmont3.9
Boulder2 E Longmont5
Boulder3 NE Longmont3.6
Boulder3 S Boulder6.5
Boulder1 NW Niwot4.4
Boulder1 S Meeker Park10.3
Boulder2 NW Lafayette3.5
Boulder3 E Longmont3.8
Boulder2 N Longmont4
Boulder3 NE Niwot4.2
Boulder2 SSW Boulder6.9
Boulder3 NE Longmont4.2
Boulder4 NE Nederland5.8
Boulder2 NW Marshall6.4
Boulder4 ENE Nederland6.3
Boulder4 ENE Nederland6.2
Broomfield1 E Superior3.4
Broomfield2 E Broomfield4.3
Broomfield1 NW Broomfield4
Broomfield1 NW Broomfield4
Broomfield1 E Superior4
Broomfield1 E Superior5
Broomfield1 NW Broomfield5
Chaffee4 WNW Buena Vista6.7
Chaffee2 SSW Salida1.3
Chaffee1 WNW Buena Vista4
Clear CreekGeorgetown1.5
Clear CreekGeorgetown8
Clear CreekGeorgetown8
Clear Creek2 WNW Loveland Pass12
Clear Creek1 NE Brookvale7
Clear Creek1 WNW Loveland Pass10.4
Clear Creek1 SSW Georgetown7.1
Custer5 W Westcliffe5
Custer5 W Westcliffe5
Custer5 S Hillside4
Custer5 W Westcliffe8.5
Custer2 SSW Wetmore6
Custer5 W Westcliffe11.5
Delta6 E Skyway8
Delta6 ESE Cedaredge2.1
Delta4 W Paonia1.8
Delta4 SW Crawford2
Delta4 E Eckert2.1
Delta3 NW Lazear1.2
Delta3 NW Lazear1.2
Delta3 N Cedaredge1.4
Delta3 NW Lazear1.7
Delta2 SSE Paonia1.5
Delta2 N Hotchkiss2.4
Delta1 N Paonia2
Delta2 E Delta0.53
Denver2 SE Denver Intl Airpor1.3
Denver1 E Edgewater2
Denver3 NE Englewood4
DenverDenver Intl Airport2.9
Denver2 SSE Denver5
Denver2 SE Denver Intl Airpor4.5
Denver3 NE Englewood6
Denver1 SSE Denver Intl Airpo6.5
Denver2 NE Cherry Hills Villa6.5
Denver2 SE Denver Intl Airpor6.5
Denver4 ESE Denver8
Denver4 ESE Denver6.4
Denver4 E Denver5.7
Denver2 SE Mountain View5.8
Denver2 NE Cherry Hills Villa7.5
Denver2 NNW Sheridan7
Denver3 E Denver5.7
Denver1 E Edgewater5.6
Denver1 NE Mountain View7
Denver4 E Denver6
Denver1 E Edgewater5.8
Denver2 SW Denver8
Denver2 N Cherry Hills Villag8
Denver1 NE Greenwood Village9
Denver2 ESE Denver6
Denver3 NE Englewood7
Denver2 NW Cherry Creek Reser8.5
Denver2 E Mountain View5.3
Denver1 SSE Denver Intl Airpo7.5
Denver1 ESE Denver7.6
Denver1 ESE Edgewater8.1
Douglas2.8 ENE Castle Pines4.5
Douglas5 SE Parker6.5
Douglas1 N Castle Rock7
Douglas3 S Castle Pines8
Douglas2 S Parker8
Douglas3 S Castle Pines10.6
Douglas3 SW Ponderosa Park7.4
Douglas3 SSW Castle Pines10.2
Douglas3 ESE Lone Tree7
Douglas1 SSE Lone Tree5.7
Douglas1 NW Lone Tree6.3
Douglas1 NE Sedalia9
Douglas1 N Castle Rock9.8
Douglas2 WSW Parker5.9
Douglas2 E Kassler7
Douglas2 SE Chatfield Reservoi6.2
Douglas3 E Parker7
Douglas3 SE The Pinery8.7
Douglas3 WSW Highlands Ranch7.3
Douglas2 W Lone Tree6.9
Douglas3 SE Shamballa10
Douglas2 SSE Castle Pines7.4
Douglas2 SE Castle Pines7.5
Douglas2 E Castle Rock10.4
Douglas1 ESE Highlands Ranch5.2
Douglas1 N Lone Tree7
Douglas1 N Lone Tree6.5
Douglas1 SE Kassler8.5
Douglas2 SW Parker8.3
Douglas2 SE Highlands Ranch6.9
Douglas3 NW Parker7.2
Douglas2 WSW Highlands Ranch7
DouglasCastle Rock10.1
Douglas1 NE Castle Rock9.5
Douglas1 W Castle Rock12.5
Douglas2 WNW Parker7.5
Douglas3 E Kassler9.1
Douglas2 S Parker8.3
Douglas2 W Lone Tree5.9
Eagle1 NW Avon8
Eagle3 WSW Edwards3
Eagle1 NW Eagle5
Eagle4 E Vail10.5
Eagle3 ESE Gypsum3.3
Eagle2 W Vail7
Eagle2 ENE Vail7
Eagle1 SW Gypsum1.5
Eagle1 WNW El Jebel2.7
Eagle3 ESE Gypsum4
Eagle1 W El Jebel2.5
Eagle1 W Edwards5
Eagle1 NW Avon8
El Paso2 NNE Monument1.3
El Paso2 SW Colorado Springs12
El Paso3 W Fountain10
El Paso2 E Falcon2.8
El Paso4 NW Peterson AFB6
El Paso4 NW Peterson AFB6
El Paso2 SW Colorado Springs10.5
El PasoSecurity12
El PasoPalmer Lake7.1
El Paso7 ENE Monument5.5
El Paso6 SSW Black Forest3
El Paso6 SE Air Force Academy3
El Paso6 S Calhan4.4
El Paso5 WSW Calhan5
El Paso5 E Monument3.5
El Paso4 NE Colorado Springs5.3
El Paso3 SSE Colorado Springs10
El Paso2 SSW Colorado Springs10.4
El Paso2 E Colorado Springs7
El Paso1 ESE Manitou Springs6
El Paso10 N Colorado Springs2.8
El Paso4 S Colorado Springs10.5
El Paso4 N Peterson AFB3.8
El Paso3 S Colorado Springs9.5
El Paso3 NNE Monument5
El Paso6 SSW Black Forest2.8
El Paso4 S Black Forest2.5
El Paso5 NNE Colorado Springs3.5
El Paso2 NNE Monument6.5
El Paso2 NNW Peterson AFB6
El Paso4 S Colorado Springs11
El Paso5 SSE Air Force Academy3.9
El Paso2 NW Colorado Springs5
El Paso2 NNE Monument8
El Paso3 NNE Air Force Academy3.5
El Paso3 NNE Monument6.8
El Paso3 ESE Monument5.8
El Paso2 NE Black Forest3.5
El Paso2 NNE Monument7.5
Elbert15 E Castle Rock8
Elbert1 NW Ponderosa Park7.5
Elbert5 NE Ponderosa Park9.5
Elbert5 SSE Simla3.1
Elbert4 W Elbert5.6
Elbert4 NW Agate3
Elbert4 ENE Cedar Point7
Elbert2 NNE Elizabeth7
Elbert1 NW Ponderosa Park9
Elbert1 NW Ponderosa Park9
Elbert9 NE Ponderosa Park9
Elbert11 NNE Kutch4.1
Elbert1 WNW Ponderosa Park10
Fremont4 E Canon City7
Fremont3 SE Canon City6.5
Fremont2 SE Penrose4.5
Fremont2 SE Penrose7
Garfield4 W Cattle Creek2.3
Garfield4 E Cattle Creek2.1
Garfield1 SE New Castle1
Garfield5 NW El Jebel4
Gilpin4 N Floyd Hill4.9
GilpinAspen Springs7
Grand2 WNW Elkdale4
Grand9 WNW Kremmling5
Grand2 SSW Elkdale5.9
Grand4 SW Grand Lake4
Grand9 SSE Spicer3.9
Grand8 SSE Rand7.8
Grand6 SW Grand Lake2.6
Grand1 NNW Berthoud Pass13
Grand10 S Rabbit Ears Pass2.6
Grand2 NW Elkdale6.2
Grand2 SSE Tabernash6
Gunnison4 NNE Powderhorn5
Gunnison6 WSW Almont2.1
Gunnison4 NNW Mount Crested But19
Gunnison1 SW Pitkin5.5
Gunnison1 S Mount Crested Butte11
Gunnison4 NNE Powderhorn3.5
Gunnison8 SE Parlin2
Jackson9 SSE Gould9.1
Jackson6 SSW Glendevey3.9
Jackson1 SE Gould3
Jefferson3 W Sheridan8
Jefferson4 WNW Arvada6.3
Jefferson3 SSW Evergreen8
Jefferson4 WSW Arvada6.5
Jefferson2 SW Lakewood6.3
Jefferson1 SW Tiny Town11
Jefferson4 SSE Pinecliffe4.2
Jefferson3 WNW Aspen Park10
Jefferson3 W Arvada5.7
Jefferson3 SSW Crescent Village4.1
Jefferson3 S Evergreen11.5
Jefferson3 S Conifer7.1
Jefferson3 NW Columbine8.2
Jefferson3 NNE Ken Caryl8.7
Jefferson2 WSW Lakewood7.1
Jefferson2 SW Rocky Flats3
Jefferson2 SSE Kittredge12
Jefferson2 ESE Lakewood7.8
Jefferson1 W Wheat Ridge5.9
Jefferson1 W Wheat Ridge5.9
Jefferson1 NNW Arvada6.2
Jefferson1 NNE Edgewater5.5
Jefferson1 ESE Ken Caryl9
JeffersonWah Keeney Park7
Jefferson4 NW Arvada5.5
Jefferson2 SSE Conifer8.5
Jefferson1 NNW Cheesman Reservoi7.5
Jefferson2 NNE Shaffers Crossing7.6
Jefferson2 SW Golden8.5
Jefferson2 SW Wheat Ridge6
Jefferson4 NNE Ken Caryl10.1
Jefferson1 NW Golden9
Jefferson2 NW Columbine9
Jefferson1 N Genesee8.3
Jefferson2 W Aspen Park9
Jefferson3 W Westminster4.6
Jefferson4 SE Evergreen8.6
Jefferson2 NE Arvada5.5
Jefferson2 E Kittredge8
Jefferson1 SW Kittredge6
Jefferson1 E Ken Caryl9
Jefferson1 S Crescent Village6
JeffersonWah Keeney Park9
Jefferson2 N Aspen Park10.4
JeffersonBuffalo Creek4.2
JeffersonMountain View5.9
Jefferson2 S Edgewater7
Jefferson4 WSW Arvada7.4
Jefferson1 NW Chatfield Reservoi10.3
Jefferson2 W Arvada7
Jefferson2 SW Rocky Flats7
Jefferson1 SSW Arvada7
Jefferson1 N Genesee10.1
Jefferson4 WSW Arvada7.4
Jefferson3 WNW Arvada8.1
Jefferson1 ESE Ken Caryl11.2
Jefferson1 S Bergen Park7.5
Jefferson1 E Ken Caryl10
Jefferson1 NNE Evergreen7
Jefferson1 NNW Genesee10.8
Jefferson1 SSE Evergreen8
Jefferson1 SSW Crescent Village7
Kit CarsonStratton1
Kit Carson1 E Burlington1.2
Kit Carson7 NNW Peconic2
Kit Carson7 NNW Peconic2
Kit Carson6 NNE Bethune3
Kit Carson1 E Burlington1.2
Kit Carson13 SW Joes4
Kit CarsonStratton5
Kit CarsonBurlington2.5
Lake2 NE Leadville13.7
Lake6 S Leadville8.1
Larimer4 NE Fort Collins3.1
Larimer3 W Fort Collins6
LarimerFort Collins3.9
Larimer5 S Fort Collins2.7
Larimer5 NW Campion6.5
Larimer4 WSW Drake3.3
Larimer4 W Pinewood Springs6
Larimer4 NNE Timnath3.1
Larimer4 E Laporte3.5
Larimer4 E Laporte3
Larimer3 NNW Horsetooth Mounta6
Larimer3 NNW Fort Collins5
Larimer3 E Buckhorn Mountain5.3
Larimer2 SW Estes Park8
Larimer2 SSW Berthoud4.5
Larimer2 SSE Loveland4.5
Larimer2 SE Timnath3
Larimer2 S Estes Park11.7
Larimer2 NW Loveland4.3
Larimer2 N Timnath4
Larimer2 NNE Loveland2.7
Larimer2 N Campion4
Larimer2 ESE Fort Collins4.8
Larimer2 ESE Fort Collins3.1
Larimer1 SW Wellington3.5
Larimer1 SSW Fort Collins3.7
Larimer1 NW Pinewood Springs6.6
Larimer1 NNW Campion4.5
Larimer1 N Fort Collins4
Larimer1 ENE Fort Collins3.7
Larimer1 SE Fort Collins3.4
Larimer3 E Loveland3.5
Larimer1 NW Laporte5
Larimer1 S Laporte5
Larimer2 SW Loveland6.5
LarimerEstes Park7
Larimer7 E Virginia Dale1.7
LarimerBear Lake9.1
Larimer4 ESE Cedar Cove6
Larimer3 WSW Berthoud4.5
Larimer3 ESE Buckhorn Mountain3.9
Larimer1 W Berthoud4.5
Larimer3 N Timnath4.8
Larimer2 SE Laporte5
Larimer3 S Estes Park13
Larimer6 N Trail Ridge7.8
Larimer2 NW Loveland2.8
Larimer1 N Fort Collins5.3
Larimer2 W Estes Park10
Larimer3 E Loveland5
Larimer4 SW Windsor4.5
Larimer3 SSE Carter Lake8
Logan1 SSW Sterling2.5
Mesa3 N Skyway8
Mesa1 NE Grand Junction0.29
Mesa1 W Collbran4
Montrose5 SSE Montrose2.1
Montrose2 E Montrose4
Montrose2 E Montrose1.4
Montrose1 ESE Montrose2.3
Montrose7 ENE Montrose4
Montrose1 WSW Montrose2
Montrose15 W Montrose1.8
Montrose15 W Montrose1
Morgan1 E Gary5.2
Morgan6 N Gary4.2
Morgan3 SSW Hillrose3
Morgan1 E Gary5.2
Ouray4 NW Ridgway4.4
Ouray4 NW Ridgway2
Ouray3 NNW Ridgway5
Ouray5 SW Colona5
Ouray1 SW Ridgway1.2
Ouray3 SW Colona5
Park2 SE Wilkerson Pass6.1
Park1 ESE Highland Park8
Park1 ENE 11-Mile Canyon Re3
Park1 NNW Grant7.5
Park3 SSW Alma12
Park6 S Fairplay11
Park7 E Blue River9.1
Park3 NNE Bailey9.6
Park5 W Wilkerson Pass7
Park3 S Pine Junction10
Phillips3 SW Holyoke2.4
Phillips3 SW Holyoke2.4
Phillips1 E Holyoke2.3
Pitkin5 N Redstone3.6
Pitkin5 N Redstone3.5
Pueblo2 N Pueblo West2
Pueblo1 WSW Rye4.5
Rio Grande1 S South Fork1.2
Routt5 W Toponas3
Routt5 WNW Steamboat Springs1.4
Routt1 NNW Steamboat Springs2.2
Routt3 NW Steamboat Springs1.6
RouttOak Creek2
San Miguel2 SSW Telluride7.8
San Miguel2 SSW Telluride7.8
Summit2 SE Breckenridge5.5
Summit2 S Loveland Pass14
Summit1 SSW Copper Mountain15
Summit1 NW Heeney5
Summit3 SSW Breckenridge16
Summit8 SSW Copper Mountain16.9
Summit5 W Green Mtn Reservoir13
Summit5 SSW Blue River13
Summit3 SSW Copper Mountain15.6
Summit1 SSE Loveland Pass11.7
Summit6 NW Silverthorne15.6
Summit2 SE Breckenridge6.5
Summit2 SSE Breckenridge15.3
Teller3 WNW Divide4.4
Teller6 S Divide2.8
Teller4 NNE Florissant4
Teller3 NE Cripple Creek7.5
TellerWoodland Park5.6
Teller5 NW Cripple Creek3.1
Teller2 N Woodland Park5.7
TellerWoodland Park6
Teller1 W Woodland Park6.5
Weld6 NE Nunn3.6
Weld4 WSW Eaton2.5
Weld4 WNW Greeley3.5
Weld4 W La Salle2.7
Weld4 SSW Mead2.8
Weld4 NE Firestone2.5
Weld3 WSW Frederick3
Weld3 N Milton Reservoir3.3
Weld2 NNE Erie3
Weld2 E Greeley3
Weld1 WNW Briggsdale1
Weld1 WNW Briggsdale1
Weld1 SSW Carr2.4
Weld1 S Greeley3.6
Weld1 ENE Greeley3.5
Weld1 S Greeley3.7
Weld1 ENE Nunn4
Weld1 SE Milliken3.6
Weld2 E Galeton3
Weld3 N Erie4
Yuma7 SW Beecher Island3.5
Yuma4 NNE Wray3
Yuma7 SW Beecher Island4.5
Yuma6 SSW Beecher Island4.3
Yuma6 SSW Yuma3
Source: Iowa State University Iowa Environmental Mesonet

Don’t see your town or city listed? This list includes everything NWS reported through its own measurements and other sources reported to the agency as of the time range listed above.

Denver, Colorado weather resources

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