DENVER (KDVR) — It has been a record-breaking May in Denver so far with 4.7 inches of rainfall half way through the month.

As of Wednesday evening, this May in Denver is the 10th wettest on record.

Looking ahead for the next two weeks, this May will likely end with over five inches of rainfall accumulation in Denver.

The precipitation forecast above shows the potential rainfall accumulation added up over the next seven days.

For many parts of central and southern Colorado, totals will range from .75 inch up to two inches for the seven days. This comes after the three to seven inches measured in parts of eastern Colorado last week.

The wettest days in the seven-day forecast will be Thursday afternoon into Friday morning of this week with scattered showers and storms.

The eight to 14-day outlook by the Climate Prediction Center shows likely above average precipitation in Colorado from May 25 through May 31.

There is at least a 10% chance for rain in Denver for the next seven days straight.

This wet May will help diminish fire danger and keep improving drought conditions across the state.