DENVER (KDVR) – With high winds expected on Friday, blowing dust may be an issue in the Eastern Plains. There are two different alerts to talk about, Blowing Dust Advisories and Blowing Dust Warnings.

Both are for blowing dust that reduces visibility to less than 1 mile, but above 1/4 of a mile. The major difference is that an Advisory is for a localized area and the Warning is for a widespread area. This becomes a major issue along Interstate 70 with high winds and low visibility making it dangerous to drive in, especially for large trucks.

In the past five years, Denver has not seen any Blowing Dust alerts, but three counties in the Eastern Plains have. Yuma, Kit Carson, and Cheyenne combined have had a total of nine Blowing Dust Advisories and four Blowing Dust Warnings since 2017. These alerts are issued by the Goodland, KS National Weather Service office.

Of the 9 Blowing Dust Advisories since 2017, two have been in April of 2022. Of the four Blowing Dust Warnings, two have been in April of 2022.

This trend correlates with the higher winds we are experiencing this Spring. Friday may see a Blowing Dust alert for the Eastern Plains, so be careful and pay attention to the changing weather conditions.