DENVER (KDVR) – Changes are on the way with an approaching snowstorm and that means a big drop in temperatures.

High temperatures on Thursday afternoon will approach record highs as we make it into the upper 80s. Then, 24 hours later on Friday afternoon, we will only be in the middle 40s. This will bring a 41-degree drop in 1 day!

While that is a big drop, the biggest 1-day drop was 66 degrees on Jan. 25, 1972.

An even bigger drop is expected from the highs in the upper 80s on Thursday to early Saturday morning. Lows on Saturday will be below freezing at the 30-degree mark.

That makes for a 58-degree drop over a 3 day period. However, the biggest 3-day drop is 80 degrees on Feb. 13, 1951.

We have to note that all of the top 10 temperature drops (1 day, 2 days, and 3 days) are all in the winter months, so a swing this far in the spring is notable.