DENVER (KDVR) — Denver hit 100-degree temperatures twice this weekend, bringing the yearly total to three days where the high temperature was triple digits.

On Saturday, Denver’s high temperature climbed to 100 degrees at Denver International Airport breaking the record for that date of 98 degrees set in 2021.

Sunday’s high climbed to 101 degrees and is the warmest day of the year so far. It didn’t break the record for that date of 102 degrees but it was close.

Denver also hit 100 degrees back on June 11 which tied for the earliest date the city had ever reached the triple digits.

Hitting 100 degrees in Denver isn’t all that common. In fact, Denver has only hit it 103 times since records began in 1872. That means on average it’s less than one time per year.

Since Denver has hit 100 degrees three times already, 2022 is tied for the 8th most 100-degree days in a year. The No. 1 spot goes to 2012 with 13 days at or above 100 degrees.

Last year Denver had five days that hit the 100-degree mark.

Denver had two consecutive days over the weekend that hit the 100-degree mark which tied for the seventh-longest streak of 100-degree days in a row.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Denver is 105 degrees, which has been hit 5 times.

The Pinpoint Weather Team isn’t forecasting any more 100-degree days this week, but there will be several days in the mid to upper 90s.