DENVER (KDVR) — Denver gets hot in the summer, and it’s already been a toasty start with 14 days above 90 degrees so far in 2022.

We started with our first 90s on May 11. That marks the fifth earliest 90-degree day on record for Denver. Then in the month of June, we’ve had 13 more 90-degree days.

More heat is expected as we head into July when the average daily high temperature is about 90 degrees.

In recent years, Denver has seen more and more 90-degree days. The last 30 years have had 148% more 90-degree days when compared to the 150-year average.

Just last year, Denver had 59 days with a high of 90 degrees or above, putting 2021 with a record fifth-highest amount of 90-degree days.