DENVER (KDVR) — On a day when the Denver metro area and southeast Colorado were under a red flag warning for fire danger, wind gusts topped 80 mph along the Front Range.

Parts of Jefferson, Boulder and Larimer counties saw the highest wind gusts Friday. The Rocky Flats area recorded a 90 mph gust just after 3 p.m., the highest recorded in the National Weather Service’s local storm reports in Colorado.

Wildfires were burning Friday afternoon in Jefferson County, as well as in Aurora. The high winds tossed semitrucks off of highways, shutting down some roads.

The hurricane-force wind gusts were most frequent in the late morning and early afternoon Friday. A Category 1 hurricane has sustained winds of at least 74 mph.

Friday’s top wind gusts in Colorado

This list includes top wind gusts as of 5:15 p.m. at locations in local storm reports through the National Weather Service.

Wind GustLocation (miles)CountyTime
90 mph3 SW Rocky FlatsJefferson County3:03 PM
86 mph1 NE CrismanBoulder County2:45 PM
85 mph3 ESE BuckeyeLarimer County12:35 PM
84 mph2 NW Rocky FlatsJefferson County3:43 PM
82 mph4 S Rocky FlatsJefferson County3:05 PM
80 mph4 NNW White Ranch OpenJefferson County2:30 PM
80 mph2 NE SunshineBoulder County1:36 PM
79 mph2 SW BroomfieldJefferson County2:55 PM
79 mph3 NW MarshallBoulder County1:20 PM
78 mphFloyd HillClear Creek County3:05 PM
78 mph3 ESE PinecliffeBoulder County1:45 PM
78 mph2 NNW Rocky FlatsJefferson County9:27 AM
74 mph1 ENE BoulderBoulder County11:35 AM
73 mph2 SSW LaporteLarimer County2:15 PM
73 mph3 SE NiwotBoulder County12:30 PM
72 mph3 NE BoulderBoulder County1:31 PM
70 mph6 S Colorado CityHuerfano County3:15 PM
70 mph3 SE TollandGilpin County12:55 PM
70 mphVirginia DaleLarimer County11:00 AM
69 mph2 S Cheesman ReservoirDouglas County3:23 PM
69 mph5 N Pawnee ButtesWeld County1:55 PM
69 mph6 SW CarrLarimer County1:52 PM
67 mph4 WSW LamarProwers County3:20 PM
67 mph1 E EmpireClear Creek County2:45 PM
67 mph1 WSW Pleasant ViewJefferson County2:45 PM
67 mph3 NE EnglewoodDenver County1:23 PM
66 mph1 SE Peterson AfbEl Paso County1:18 PM
66 mph1 S HygieneBoulder County12:55 PM
66 mph6 NE Manitou SpringsEl Paso County8:47 AM
65 mph5 NNW NunnWeld County3:45 PM
65 mph5 NNW HeartstrongYuma County3:12 PM
65 mph2 NNW MarshallBoulder County2:15 PM
65 mph1 SSE Peterson AfbEl Paso County1:18 PM
64 mphAkronWashington County2:44 PM
64 mph3 WNW MishawakaLarimer County2:30 PM
64 mph4 WNW ArvadaJefferson County1:49 PM
64 mph4 WSW JohnstownWeld County12:52 PM
63 mph4 ESE Steamboat SpringsRoutt County2:55 PM
63 mph1 NE ArvadaJefferson County2:19 PM
63 mph5 ESE WetmorePueblo County1:58 PM
63 mph1 S GreenlandDouglas County1:24 PM
63 mph3 SW Commerce CityDenver County1:15 PM
62 mph4 ENE NederlandBoulder County3:00 PM
62 mph3 SSE SuperiorBroomfield County2:55 PM
62 mph1 NW MarshallBoulder County10:45 AM
61 mph1 WSW LouisvilleBoulder County3:30 PM
61 mph3 WSW FountainEl Paso County3:18 PM
61 mph1 NNW BriggsdaleWeld County2:15 PM
61 mph1 NNW BoulderBoulder County1:35 PM
61 mph3 N DenverDenver County1:15 PM
60 mph2 NNW BriggsdaleWeld County3:07 PM
60 mph5 N Pawnee PassLogan County2:38 PM
60 mph9 S TowaocMontezuma County2:35 PM
60 mph3 E SunshineBoulder County2:15 PM
60 mph2 SSW BroomfieldJefferson County2:14 PM
60 mph5 NNW Buckley AfbAdams County1:55 PM
60 mph3 S Cedar PointElbert County12:32 PM
60 mph4 SE Air Force AcademyEl Paso County12:17 PM
60 mph2 NNE Natural FortWeld County12:12 PM
60 mph4 SW HygieneBoulder County11:00 AM
59 mphFort Morgan AirportMorgan County3:15 PM
59 mph5 S LyonsBoulder County2:46 PM
59 mph3 NW BoulderBoulder County2:15 PM
59 mph4 S CherawOtero County1:59 PM
59 mph1 SW EvergreenJefferson County1:50 PM
59 mph5 NE BlendePueblo County1:47 PM
59 mph2 NNE Rocky FlatsJefferson County1:45 PM
59 mph3 SSW Commerce CityDenver County1:36 PM
59 mphAspen SpringsGilpin County12:55 PM
59 mph3 E Pinewood SpringsLarimer County12:25 PM
59 mph5 S Virginia DaleLarimer County11:03 AM
58 mph5 N WalsenburgHuerfano County3:55 PM
58 mph1 NE Aspen SpringsGilpin County3:46 PM
58 mph1 NE Pleasant ViewJefferson County3:02 PM
58 mph2 SSE YumaYuma County2:59 PM
58 mph1 ESE Ponderosa ParkElbert County2:58 PM
58 mph1 E LimonLincoln County2:30 PM
58 mph1 SSE DumontClear Creek County2:25 PM
58 mph2 SSE Pleasant ViewJefferson County1:45 PM
58 mph3 SSW Rocky FlatsJefferson County12:54 PM
58 mph9 S SpringfieldBaca County12:22 PM
58 mph4 E LaporteLarimer County11:54 AM
58 mph3 NW CampionLarimer County11:25 AM
57 mphHaleYuma County4:45 PM
57 mph5 WNW NiwotBoulder County3:25 PM
57 mph1 SE KasslerDouglas County3:18 PM
57 mph1 NNW GreenlandDouglas County2:25 PM
57 mphNunnWeld County2:04 PM
57 mph3 SSE Commerce CityDenver County1:36 PM
57 mph1 SSW CentennialArapahoe County1:33 PM
57 mph1 NE Ken CarylJefferson County1:30 PM
57 mph2 SSW DenverDenver County1:03 PM
57 mph2 SE Federal HeightsAdams County1:03 PM
57 mph3 NNE ArvadaJefferson County12:30 PM
57 mph5 E BuckeyeLarimer County12:05 PM
56 mph2 NW Ken CarylJefferson County3:45 PM
56 mph2 NNE WardBoulder County2:48 PM
56 mph2 SW DenverDenver County2:35 PM
56 mph2 S Commerce CityDenver County1:38 PM
56 mph1 S Crescent VillageBoulder County1:25 PM
56 mph3 NNE DenverDenver County1:15 PM
55 mph3 WNW LovelandLarimer County3:45 PM
55 mph2 W ColumbineJefferson County3:25 PM
55 mph2 WNW MishawakaLarimer County3:05 PM
55 mph3 WNW ArvadaJefferson County1:45 PM
55 mphCampionLarimer County12:30 PM
55 mph3 NNW LouviersDouglas County12:00 PM
55 mph8 S HolyokePhillips County10:30 AM
54 mph2 W DenverDenver County2:35 PM
54 mphWrayYuma County2:15 PM
54 mph1 ESE AkronWashington County2:06 PM
54 mph2 WSW Russell GulchClear Creek County2:04 PM
54 mph2 SSE CentennialArapahoe County1:35 PM
54 mph2 N ErieWeld County1:20 PM
54 mph1 NNE Wheat RidgeJefferson County1:03 PM
54 mph1 SSW ErieWeld County12:55 PM
54 mph2 SSW BoulderBoulder County12:53 PM
54 mph2 ESE SterlingLogan County12:42 PM
54 mph3 NW Crescent VillageBoulder County10:55 AM
53 mph1 NNE Lone TreeDouglas County2:35 PM
53 mph2 E Pleasant ViewJefferson County2:11 PM
53 mph2 NNE Lone TreeDouglas County1:42 PM
53 mph5 N NorthglennAdams County1:23 PM
53 mphDownievilleClear Creek County12:42 PM
53 mph3 E Mountain ViewDenver County12:36 PM
53 mph8 NNW BoyeroLincoln County12:20 PM
52 mph3 E UnionWashington County2:45 PM
52 mphFranktownDouglas County2:20 PM
52 mph6 W ElbertElbert County2:15 PM
52 mph3 WSW SterlingLogan County2:15 PM
52 mph7 N RockportWeld County1:13 PM
52 mph1 S WellingtonLarimer County12:42 PM
52 mph1 N DowdEagle County12:42 PM
52 mph1 WSW LafayetteBoulder County12:15 PM
52 mph4 ESE VailEagle County12:12 PM
52 mph2 SE Denver Intl AirporDenver County11:08 AM
51 mph4 NE IdaliaYuma County3:19 PM
51 mph2 SSW Rocky FlatsJefferson County2:43 PM
51 mph1 W Wheat RidgeJefferson County2:02 PM
51 mph2 WNW BrookvaleClear Creek County1:58 PM
51 mph2 ENE Estes ParkLarimer County1:30 PM
51 mph2 ENE WigginsMorgan County1:13 PM
51 mph2 S LongmontBoulder County12:46 PM
51 mph3 W BerthoudLarimer County12:45 PM
51 mph3 SE PinecliffeGilpin County10:15 AM
51 mph1 S Copper MountainSummit County4:55 AM
50 mph2 NE PinecliffeBoulder County1:55 PM
50 mph1 ENE Ken CarylJefferson County1:54 PM
50 mphHugoLincoln County12:45 PM
50 mph4 NE Fort CollinsLarimer County12:15 PM
50 mph3 N ErieWeld County12:15 PM
50 mph10 E Arapahoe ParkArapahoe County10:55 AM
50 mph1 SSW GeorgetownClear Creek County8:00 AM

Data is from the National Weather Service’s Local Storm Reports, as reported from local forecast offices.