DENVER (KDVR) — The average date of first snow for Denver is just six days away, yet the Pinpoint Weather team doesn’t have any snow in the seven-day forecast.

The average date of the first snow of the season is Oct. 18, meaning that is typically the time of year the city starts seeing snow.

Although this year’s first snow will come after the average in Denver, it is interesting to look back at when the first snow happened for the last five years.

Denver's average first snowfall

Four out of the last 5 years in Denver had the first snow before the average date. The only year that didn’t was last year, on Dec. 10, 2021.

Last year’s December snow was the latest first snow on record for the city. And oddly enough, the year before was the earliest on record happening on Sept. 8, right after Labor Day.

Denver's first snowfall, last 5 years

In the three years prior to 2020, the first snow happened around the first or second week of October. The Pinpoint Weather team will keep you updated when there is the first hint of snow in the forecast.