DENVER (KDVR) — After finally having a break from frigid temperatures and snowy weather, Denver has a decent chance of a snowstorm moving in next Wednesday.

Computer forecast models show next Wednesday, Feb. 15, will have the best chance for snowfall. Keep in mind that as this storm system is still a week away, the forecast will change between now and then.

Because the storm system is still far away and there are inconsistencies between computer models, the forecast confidence is in the low category. Confidence will grow as it gets closer and more computer model data is out.

Snow in Colorado next week: What to know

Here’s what the Pinpoint Weather team does know about the storm right now.

The timing of the models is fairly consistent in bringing the big impacts on Wednesday. There will be a chance that the snow starts late Tuesday or lasts into Thursday morning, but for now, Wednesday will be the big impact day.

The snapshot below for 5 p.m. Wednesday forecasts heavy snow in the mountains and along the Front Range.

Snowfall accumulation is still very inconsistent with this storm system.

Model 1, below, shows the snowfall accumulation possibility by 11 p.m. Wednesday night. It has 5 inches of snow in Denver and up to a foot in parts of southern Colorado.

In contrast, model 2 shows only an inch of snowfall in Denver by Wednesday night with most of southeast Colorado missing out on the snow.

Don’t take these numbers at face value, as it is too far out to know how much snowfall will accumulate with this storm that is a week away. The models are shown just to represent the differences in the forecast between models this far out.

It will all come down to where the storm track ends up and how strong the storm is. The Pinpoint Weather team will keep you updated on changes in the forecast as it gets closer.