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DENVER (KDVR) — So far, January 2023 has not been a snowy month for Denver. Tuesday and Wednesday’s incoming snowstorm may help boost the city to the average monthly snowfall for January.

As of Monday, Jan. 16, Denver has 1.7 inches of snow this month at Denver International Airport, the official weather measuring site for the city.

An average January brings 6.5 inches of snow to Denver. With a forecast of 5 to 10 inches for the Tuesday and Wednesday storm system, the city will likely jump above the monthly average from just one snowstorm.

Pinpoint Weather: Average snowfall in Denver in January.

Denver doesn’t usually see big winter storms that drop five or more inches of snow in the month of January. That is more of a characteristic of spring storms that we see in March or April.

December was another above-average snow month for Denver with 13 inches of snow falling. That helped boost the seasonal snowfall total to 25.6 inches of snow. The average-to-date snowfall for Denver is 24 inches.

Pinpoint Weather: Seasonal snowfall totals

Despite the non-snowy start to January, Denver has above-average seasonal snowfall with more on the way.

After Wednesday, Denver has two more chances for snow over the next week.