DENVER (KDVR) — There’s no doubt it has been a cold and snowy fall and winter in Denver. If history repeats itself, it could be a snowy spring for us too.

The months of November, December and January in Denver all finished with well-above-average snowfall this season. Both December and January had over 13 inches of snow and January even doubled its average monthly total.

February has been a bit slower with the first measurable snow of the month coming in the last two days. The total for the month out at Denver International Airport snow sits at 3.6 inches. An average February in Denver sees 7.8 inches.

Keep in mind, we still have half of the month to go to see more snowfall and there is a chance for snow in Denver next week.

Historically, the two snowiest months on average in Denver are March and April. March sees an average of 11.5 inches of snow with 8.8 inches in April.

What’s impressive about this fall and winter season in Denver is that November, December and January all saw snowfall totals over the April average, with December and January receiving more than the March average.

So far this season, Denver has seen just over 40 inches of snowfall. If March and April keep the trend of over-performing snowfall totals, then it will be a great snow season for Denver.