DENVER (KDVR) —The Pinpoint Weather Team is forecasting a near-record high of around 90 degrees on Wednesday. The record high was 90 set in 1961.

Wildfire risk will reach critical status with afternoon humidity dropping to 15% or less, and wind gusts will increase by 15-35 mph this afternoon.

Forecast wildfire risk Wednesday.
Fire Weather Warning Wednesday.

The mountains stay dry Wednesday with morning sunshine and afternoon clouds. There will be lots of snow melting with highs in the 60s and 70s. Expect gusty afternoon wind of 30-70 mph.

Forecast wind gusts Wednesday afternoon.

Temperatures drop about 10 degrees on Thursday behind a minor cold front. Wind gusts increase to 25-50 mph across the Front Range and mountain gusts will reach 30-70 mph.

The northern mountains on Thursday could see an isolated rain/snow shower.

Drier conditions are expected on Friday through Sunday. Friday will remain breezy, with wind gradually decreasing through the weekend. High temps will be in the 70s.