DENVER (KDVR) — Denver’s weather will stay warm and dry before big changes tomorrow.
Sunday’s storm system will likely bring the first freezing temperatures of the season to metro Denver and the first impactful snowfall to parts of Colorado’s mountains.

Weather today: Warm & windy

For the fourth day in a row, temperatures hit the upper 70s in Denver. Wind will be the first impact and will stay gusty through Monday.

Winds will pick up and be strong so no outdoor burning as we have high fire danger across the eastern Plains.

Weather tonight: Mild before cold front moves in

Temperatures will be in the mid-40s overnight with dry skies for the eastern half of the state. The western slope will have snow move in overnight and fill in across the mountains by tomorrow night.

Weather tomorrow: Snow & wind

The mountains, especially areas west of the Continental Divide, will see the heaviest snowfall. Although most of the precipitation stays in the mountains, a few showers will spill over onto the Front Range, plains and foothills on and off on Sunday.

Not all lower elevations will see precipitation with a shower chance of only 20%, but areas that do will likely see it fall as rain around metro Denver.

Tomorrow will be windy so blowing snow to blowing dust across the state.

Overnight low temperatures have the potential to fall below freezing for the first time this season Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Make sure to drain your outside pipes for this storm. You can hold off on blowing out your sprinklers in Denver, as it will not be a hard freeze yet.

Looking ahead: Seasonal chill and dry

Monday will be mostly dry in the lower elevations with a few lingering showers in the mountains. Sunshine and 60s move back in Tuesday and Wednesday.

Colorado’s next storm system moves in on Thursday, bringing cooler temperatures and a chance of rain to Denver.