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DENVER (KDVR) — The National Weather Service says snow squalls are possible for the mountains on Tuesday. What exactly is a snow squall?

Snow squalls are quick, intense bursts of snow, which are accompanied by strong winds that generally move in and out quickly. NWS said the squalls can happen when there’s no large-scale winter storm in progress and might only produce minor accumulations.

“Snow squalls can cause localized extreme impacts to the traveling public and to commerce for brief periods of time. Unfortunately, there is a long history of deadly traffic accidents associated with snow squalls. Although snow accumulations are typically an inch or less, the added combination of gusty winds, falling temperatures and quick reductions in visibility can cause extremely dangerous conditions for motorists,” the NWS said.

Road conditions can become icy within just a few minutes during a snow squall.

The NWS will issue snow squall warnings for the areas where snow squalls are expected.

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