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DENVER (KDVR) — The snowstorm moving in Monday and Tuesday is another tough March storm to forecast in Denver. There are still a lot of unknowns about what will happen and it is still a few days out.

Computer models are all over the place as far as timing and totals go with this storm as of Friday evening. Forecasters are hoping for more clarity and consistency through the weekend to help solidify details.

What’s known for sure at this point is that this storm will bring cooler temperatures, gusty winds and some accumulating snowfall.

Otherwise, there is still a lot to sort out. There is low confidence for snowfall totals with this storm.

It is going to depend on the storm timing, temperatures and the storm track, all of which are still in question right now.

One of the long-range computer models used to forecast keeps totals minimal, which would lead to only minor impacts on both days, but the other one has higher totals that would lead to a big impact.

The timing of the storm is about medium confidence. The same computer model (pictured below on the left) that is bringing lower totals has a break in the snow Tuesday morning before another round Tuesday night.

The model with bigger totals keeps the snow going for most of Monday and Tuesday causing higher accumulations.

The road impact will obviously depend on how much snow ends up falling, but with temperatures staying in the low 40s both days, it will help keep roads wet and slushy rather than icy.

Snow won’t be the only impact of this storm. There will be some wind gusts across Eastern Colorado reaching up to 60 mph that will increase visibility with falling snow. This could make travel tough in certain areas to start off next week.