The Pinpoint Weather Beast is a state of the art tool to track severe weather on FOX31 Denver & Colorado’s Very Own Channel 2. It’s a weather tracker with technology to bring you storm coverage you can’t get anywhere else.

About the Pinpoint Weather Beast

  • The Byrant Colorado Pinpoint Weather Beast is a Chevy Silverado 2500HD.
  • At 20 feet long, with 36 inch tires, and custom off-road lift and suspension, the Beast can plow through the deepest snow, heaviest rain, muddy fields, gusty wind and anything else Mother Nature can throw at us.
  • It uses mobile technology – both cellular and IP – allowing us to cover weather while in motion, whether chasing tornadoes, hail, lightning or flooding rain.
  • Three GoPros give us a full 360° view of road conditions, which is a great perspective during snow storms.
  • A total of six cameras can be controlled and switched from a cockpit within the Beast or remotely by the production crew back at the station.
  • Its remote weather sensor gives us up-to-date weather conditions like temperature, wind, humidity and more… no matter where we are.
  • Satellite and microwave technology allows us to broadcast the weather from anywhere in the state, from the plains to the mountain peaks.
  • Computer technology allows the meteorologist on board to remotely access all Pinpoint Weather tools back at the station.
  • It’s a great teaching tool. Kids love to have it visit their school. Between technology and forecasting and inspires the next generation of meteorologists
  • It has a flux capacitor!

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