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Perseid meteor shower peaks this week, but will smoke obscure the view?


DENVER (KDVR) — The annual Perseid meteor shower will be most active from Aug. 11-13, with the peak falling on the morning of Thursday, Aug. 12.

A few meteors will also be visible a few nights before and after these peak dates. If viewing conditions are ideal during the Perseid peak dates of Aug. 11-13, at least one meteor will be visible almost every minute.

There is not one specific direction to look at to see this event, as the meteors will be flying across all parts of the sky.

The meteors will be most visible from midnight to dawn on the peak nights, but it will be best to get away from bright city lights to see them.

The moon will be setting early in Colorado on these nights, making meteors more visible because of the dark skies.

Unfortunately for many parts of Colorado, wildfire smoke could obscure the view.

The image below is the smoke forecast for 4 a.m. on Thursday, the peak morning for the meteor shower. It shows some areas like northern and western Colorado still under heavy smoke. Meanwhile, smoke is expected to be a little lighter in southern Colorado.

Even with the lighter smoke, the meteor shower will be difficult to see through the hazy conditions that are expected.

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