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DENVER (KDVR) — Tuesday’s weather brought a little bit of everything to Colorado, including hail, heavy rain and snowfall. The eastern plains had the first severe thunderstorm warnings of the season with several hail reports from dime to quarter size.

Parts of the Front Range and northeast plains had heavy rainfall, bringing over 2 inches in some spots. Keenesburg had a report of 3.62 inches of rain while Sterling had a report of 2.1 inches. These are impressive rainfall totals for Colorado. It can sometimes take months to see that much liquid precipitation in Colorado, so to see it fall in one day is unusual.

The northwest side of Metro Denver near Lafayette and Westminster saw over an inch and a half of rainfall. Denver International Airport picked up .93 inches of rain.

Temperatures stayed too warm in the lower elevations to see the change over from rain to snowfall. Some of the foothills and higher elevations did see rain change to snow and some of the snowfall totals were big.

Jamestown and Nederland, both in western Boulder County, saw over 10 inches of snowfall from this storm.

Even parts of the foothills closer to Denver like Golden and Genesee picked up a few inches of snow. Places south of Denver along the Palmer Divide only saw a dusting.

Whether the precipitation fell as rain or snow, great moisture fell across the state. This will help with the drought conditions that persist across Colorado.