DENVER (KDVR) — Thanks to last week’s soggy storm system, parts of Eastern Colorado saw over 800% of average precipitation over the last week.

The graph below from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows the percent of average precipitation for May 9-15 in Colorado. The pink color in parts of the Denver metro area and the Front Range shows areas that had more than 800% of average within that timeframe.

Most of the eastern half of Colorado saw at least 200% to 400% of the average represented by the purple color.

The average precipitation for a week in May in Denver ranges from 0.5 to an inch of rainfall accumulation. Western Colorado did not see a lot of rain over the past week, with some areas seeing below 2% of the average.

There is still drought in the eastern half of Colorado, so these big rainfall totals will help significantly.

May rainfall totals have been impressive so far for many spots in eastern Colorado. Centennial has had almost 6 inches of rain so far this month with over 3 inches in Denver, Akron and Colorado Springs.