DENVER (KDVR) — Flash flooding will be possible this week as a major monsoon surge pushes into Colorado on Thursday and Friday. The Pinpoint Weather Team says the atmosphere will be loaded with moisture during this system.

Meteorologist Chris Tomer says the biggest impacts from the storm system will be in the mountains south of Interstate 70, especially the San Juan and Sangre de Cristo mountains

While this system is bringing a surge of much needed moisture to our state, it could be dangerous due to flash flooding.

If you are wondering what a flash flood is, we have you covered.

The National Weather Service says a flash flood is defined as a rapid rise in water levels, along rivers, creeks, normally dry washes, arroyos, or even normally dry land areas.

“Flash floods generally occur within six hours of the rainfall or other event that causes them. They frequently happen with little advance notice. Flash floods are very destructive due to the force of the moving water and the accompanying debris. This tremendous force can easily damage or destroy roadways, bridges, and buildings,” the National Weather Service said.

The NWS said it will issue a flash flood warning when flooding is likely, or it is already happening.

What to do during a flash flood

If you are in an area that has a flash flood warning, it’s important to have a plan and be aware of your surroundings. When a flash flood warning is issued, the NWS said you need to act as quickly as possible. If you are in a drainage area or in other low spots, walk or climb to higher ground.

What not to do during a flash flood

The NWS said many flash flood deaths happen in vehicles. An important thing to remember before the monsoon surge arrives is this: “Turn Around Don’t Drown.” If you see standing water, do not drive through it.

The NWS said water may be much deeper than it appears because the roadway may be damaged or washed away.

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