DENVER (KDVR) — This year in Denver has gone from elevated fire danger most of the spring to a much lower risk of fire danger through the summer, all because of the monsoon.

Denver and the Front Range have seen several inches of rainfall since June when the monsoon kicked in. That rain has limited fire weather warnings in northeast Colorado to just two for the entire summer.

A fire weather warning is issued when there are dry fuels, low humidity, warm temperatures and gusty winds.

Despite 2022 having a great summer monsoon, this year has had the fourth-most fire weather warnings for northeast Colorado since 2006. There have been 33 fire weather warnings so far this year.

Two of the years that have seen more warnings than this year were 2012 and 2020, which were both big wildfire years in the state.

The graph above breaks down the fire weather warnings by month for 2022. April and May were dry and gusty months on the Front Range, which prompted several fire weather warnings.

By the end of May, Denver had more 30 fire weather warnings, which broke a record for the most fire weather warnings to date.

Only two of the 33 fire weather warnings for the entire year happened over the summer months and it is mostly because of the wet monsoon season.

Colorado’s monsoon typically starts to shut off at the beginning of September. Denver has a mostly dry week ahead.