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DENVER (KDVR) — It has been a wet and gloomy May in Denver and the data shows the city’s precipitation is over an inch above average for the month and almost 5 inches above average for the year.

Denver has seen 2.94 inches of precipitation this May so far. This is 1.20 inches above the average May precipitation and is positive news heading into the warm and hot summer months that often bring high fire danger.

There has not been more than two days in a row without rainfall this month out at Denver International Airport; the official measuring site for the city of Denver.

May 22 brought .99 inches of rain to the city in just one day.

Thanks to a wet March, April, and May, Denver’s yearly precipitation is currently way above average. So far this year, 9.78 inches of liquid precipitation have been recorded. This is already more than the entire year of 2020 had and we are only five months through 2021.

The average yearly precipitation through Dec. 31 is 14.48 inches meaning we only need about 5 more inches for the rest of the year to reach that average number.

Denver is up 4.71 inches on the average yearly precipitation for this point in the year of 5.07 inches.

All of this precipitation has helped significantly with drought across the Front Range and northeast corner of the state. Almost 25% of the state is no longer in a drought.

Unfortunately, Western Colorado has not had above average precipitation and an extreme to exceptional drought still persists.