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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – Tired of the heat? Be careful what you ask for: this week is expected to bring one of the earliest frosts in Denver history.

“It’s scary. I have tomatoes, I have pepper plants and I have flowers everywhere — and it’s going to be all destroyed in one night,” said Jake Wolf, a horticulturalist at Nick’s Garden Center in Aurora.

All that time, energy and money you have spent on your garden and landscape could be in jeopardy. The FOX31 Problem Solvers want to know, what can we do to minimize the damage next week’s cold snap could bring?

First thing, Wolf says, is to cover up.

 “A frost blanket — this will keep the plants warm because the ground is warm enough that if you can trap the heat under the frost blanket, the plants will make it through,” he said.

Your bushes, shrubs and trees will probably fare better with this cold snap, unless accumulating snow snaps the branches.

“The water content is probably going to be high because of the high temperatures, so yes, there will be some snapping,” said Wolf.

Wolf says your lawn should be OK and can benefit from the moisture.

He says it’s too early to shut off sprinkler systems.

“Don’t turn them off yet, it’s too early, there will be plenty of warm days right behind this cold front,” said Wolf.

You will want to protect your garden hoses. Unscrew them from the spigot and drain the water.