DENVER (KDVR) — It has been a hot summer so far in Denver with more than 50 days that reached 90 degrees or higher. But when does the city typically stop seeing 90-degree temperatures?

The average last 90-degree day of the year in Denver is Sept. 4. The first week of September is typically when Denver sees that last hot day of the summer before temperatures finally start to cool down for fall.

Last year, Denver hit the 90s on Sept. 18 for the last one of the year.

The latest recorded date that Denver hit 90 degrees was Oct. 1, 1892. The record books date back to 1872.

Denver has hit 90 degrees or higher 51 times this year. That is already five days over the 30-year average of 46 days that reach at least 90 degrees. Five of those days were in the triple digits.

With the monsoon kicking back up in Denver this weekend, temperatures are forecast to stay below 90 degrees for at least the next week.