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DENVER ( KDVR) — The storm that may impact the city and state this weekend needs to be watched closely, here are the top five things to keep in mind as of now.

1) The main storm system is five days from arrival, there’s a lot that can change between now and then.

2) As of Monday, snowfall totals look significant across much of the state, especially the Denver area and foothills and mountains just to the west of the city. The data through Monday hold onto a snowfall forecast that will be historic for a La Niña March. March 2003 (although that was an El Niño phase) is a close comparison based on model data through Monday for the impact on the greater metro area.

3) IF the storm totals continue on track, travel will not happen this weekend and there’ll be potential for damage to structures and agricultural losses too, mostly for cattle producers.

4) Subtle differences in the storm’s direction and speed will dramatically alter the total precipitation/snowfall on the way. A shift of at least 100 miles or more could drop the storm’s impact to more of a minor event.

5) Systems like this one, this time of year, can produce widespread thunderstorms including severe weather in the warm part of the system. As of now, that risk is off to the east in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. The strength and number of those thunderstorms can limit how much humidity ultimately gets into the cold part of the system. Denver and the Front Range are in the cold part of the system this weekend and that means thunderstorms in neighboring states may impact how much humidity we have here to turn into snow.

That list is the top five things to watch as we approach the weekend. Bottom line, go ahead and prepare for a significant system with deep snow. As we get closer to the event, we can pinpoint the ultimate total.