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DENVER (KDVR) — There were 16 tornadoes in northeast Colorado over the weekend with nine reported on Saturday and seven on Sunday.

The National Weather Service in Boulder released the ratings for the weekend tornadoes Monday afternoon.

Out of the 16 tornadoes that formed, only two left behind damage reports of downed power poles. The other 14, thankfully touched down in open fields and did not damage any structures or cause any injuries.

When tornadoes don’t cause any damage, it is tough to accurately rate how strong the winds were. Because of this, the 14 that didn’t have damage reports were rated EF-0 or EF-UNK (unknown) strength. EF stands for Enhanced Fujita Scale.

The tornado just southeast of Sterling, was rated an EF-1 strength and so was the tornado near Proctor. An EF-1 tornado produces winds of 86 to 100 mph.