DENVER (KDVR) — So far it’s been a dry start to spring in Denver. At this point, the snowpack isn’t a concern and there is still plenty of time to pick up snowfall this season.

As of April 12, 2023, the Denver area has picked up 46.9 inches of snow. This is 8.3 inches behind the 55.2 inches of snow that we usually pick up through the month of April.

In January, the Denver area picked up 13 inches of snow, which is double the 6.5 inches usually picked up in January. February on the other hand was much drier. That month, Denver only picked up 4.7 inches of snowfall instead of the normal 7.8 inches.

March and April are typically Denver’s snowiest months. However, Denver only saw 5.1 inches of snow instead of the normal 11.5 inches in March. So far April has only brought Denver 0.2 inches of snow, which is well behind the normal 8.8 inches that we usually pick up through the month.

Despite the below-average snowfall so far this spring, the snowpack is not a concern in Colorado. Across the state, the snowpack is 138% of normal, with the western half of the state at least 130% of normal.

Even if this stretch of warmer temperatures starts to bring down the snowpack in Colorado, April can still bring snowstorms.

The snowstorm that brought the highest April snowfall total to the Denver area was April 23, 1885. That system brought almost two feet of snow. Denver has also picked up 18 or more inches of snowfall from snowstorms. Examples of this date back to April 25-25, 1935, April 17-19, 1920, and April 19-20, 1907.