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DENVER (KDVR) — At the start of December 108 years ago, the biggest blizzard in Denver’s recorded history was underway.

Ironically, Denver tied the record high temperature of 73 degrees Wednesday afternoon. The same day in 1913 could not be more different.

Temperatures dropped to the 30s on Dec. 1, 1913, with an incoming storm system. Snow showers began and continued in the city through Dec. 5.

The showers were on and off through Dec. 3, with a total of 8 inches. But then, on Dec. 4-5, an incredible 37.4 inches fell.

The total over these five days was 45.7 inches, which is just under 4 feet of snow. It became the largest 5-day snowfall total in Denver’s history.

The town of Georgetown, in Colorado’s mountains, saw 86 inches of snow from the same storm.

This storm brought huge impacts to Denver. High winds, blizzard conditions, and large snow drifts shut down transportation for several days. There was also snow on the ground from this storm for 60 days after it ended.