DENVER (KDVR) — Spring and summer are Denver’s wettest seasons, but unfortunately, the last few months have brought below-average precipitation to the city.

On average, the month with the most precipitation in Denver is May at 2.16 inches. Close behind are July and June and then April and August. Those are the five wettest months of the year on average in Denver.

May has been the only month in 2022 out of the five wettest months on average to see above-average precipitation.

In May, Denver picked up 2.59 inches of rain, which is 0.43 inches above the average for the month.

April, June and July were all significantly below average. Even this August is off to a slow start with only a trace of precipitation so far.

When looking at the yearly precipitation average for Denver, at this point in the year Denver should have around 9.85 inches of precipitation. This includes snowfall melted down into liquid form.

As of Aug. 4, Denver has only seen 7.11 inches of precipitation, which puts the city 2.74 inches below the average.