DENVER (KDVR) — November can bring several weather extremes to Denver.

Normal temperatures in Denver on Nov. 8 are a low of 29 degrees and a high of 56 degrees, with 0.02 inches of liquid precipitation.

But Nov. 8, 2006, brought record heat. Denver recorded a high temperature of 80 degrees, which not only set a daily record but was the first time since recordkeeping began in 1872 that Denver recorded a November high in the 80s.

With this range in temperature also comes varying amounts of rain and snowfall. On Nov. 8, 1998, an upslope snowfall event brought around a foot of snowfall to parts of the Front Range foothills.

Parts of west-central Jefferson County reported the heaviest snowfall. One of the heaviest snowfall totals was 14 inches, measured 8 miles west of Conifer.

Other high snowfall totals included 10 inches at Evergreen and 9 miles northwest of Bergen Park. Some 9 inches of snow was reported at Genesee, Nederland and near the Chief Hosa exit on Interstate 70. In Coal Creek Canyon, 8 inches of snow was measured.

Denver reported dry conditions on Nov. 8, 1998, but the next day, 2.6 inches of snow was reported at the former Stapleton International Airport.