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Are your trees in danger this weekend? Tree experts say certain types are more at risk


DENVER. (KDVR) — As trees across the Front Range begin to flower, many are in for a rude wake-up call this weekend. 

Heavy snow is expected across much of the state, putting trees, and the cars and homes below, in danger.

“I am expecting to see some damage,” says David Boswell. “Especially with your conifers, pine trees, spruce trees. I’m expecting to see more damage with those.”

Boswell is the general manager of Ross Tree Company, where crews have been busy this week with last-minute pruning.

Beginning Saturday, they’ll shift to an emergency mode, responding to limbs and branches that collapse under heavy snow. 

“We just tell everybody to get their working boots ready,” says Boswell. “We live for stuff like this, this is where we make our bread and butter.”

Boswell says the timing of the storm is a silver lining, with many trees just beginning their spring growth.

“Thankfully, this is hitting early enough to where we’re not having a lot of leaf tissue or leaf growth like we’ve seen in the past,” he says.

But Boswell says older trees and trees that have not been properly cared for could easily snap under heavy snow.

He says people should be mindful of parking underneath pines, spruces and evergreens, which will have trouble shedding the snow this weekend.

“I’m expecting to see more of the big pine trees to take the brunt of the storm,” he says. “With big branches potentially falling on cars, landing on homes.”

If you see branches or limbs land on power lines, it’s recommended that you call emergency crews right away. 

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