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DENVER (KDVR) — What new sport could I play? It’s a question many young athletes ask themselves. Sixth-grader, Nora Perry, asked herself this a couple of years ago.

“I went to Maryland to visit my dad’s friend, and the whole entire family was big on lacrosse, big on playing the sport,” Urban Elite player Perry said. “I got really invested and wanted to play. I tried it out and loved it.” 

After playing recreationally for a while, girls like Perry and her friends Anna and Morgan found a new club team called Urban Elite. 

“It was kind of a COVID project. We just started building and honestly, we didn’t have an end sight,” Alivian Jorgensen, Urban Elite coach said. “We knew that the girls were ready for something more.”

For 18 months now, this Urban Elite family has grown into an inspiring, motivational lacrosse team. 

“Everybody here has such a great bond together and great synergy,” Morgan Neir, Urban Elite player said. “We all just trust each other and are confident in each other.” 

These sixth graders are ranked in the top 10 nationally, but to coach Foote and coach Jorgensen, that number hardly matters. 

“We would both agree, fast forward a few years from now, we want to make sure that whatever dreams they have, if it includes lacrosse or if it doesn’t include lacrosse. We just hope they have all the tools to accomplish those goals,” Jorgensen said. 

Through two tournaments out in California this year, Urban Elite is undefeated.