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GLENDALE, Ariz. (KDVR) — During Super Bowl week, so much of the attention goes to the players, coaches and their respective teams. Something that isn’t seen is the community work that many players do in the cities where the Super Bowl is held.

For Troy and Tommi Vincent, they have their “Safe Zone Activity Day” and FOX31’s Myck Miller caught up with them about the great cause.

“This is the sixth year of Vincent Country’s ‘Safe Zone Activity Day,’ and we have the opportunity to go into Super Bowl cities and present a safe space where kids can be kids,” said Tommi. “It is a tremendous opportunity to pour love into the community. We know that the Super Bowl goes somewhere every year, and we decided that we wanted to have the opportunity to bring a bit of the Super Bowl to the kids in the community who actually live there.”

For the children that live in the city of each Super Bowl, Troy and Tommi make it their mission to use positive language to uplift and inspire these young kids.

“Everyone is called by their name, everyone is greeted with joy, with love, with empathy. We would say happiness is contagious,” said Troy.

As a former player, Troy uses his connections with players, both former and current, and the National Football League to interact with the kids and give them a front-row seat to what is possible with hard work and dedication.

“Well, I would say we’re influencers and we are role models, and that’s part of the responsibility of being a professional athlete. But these athletes make a choice. We have multiple players come out and spend a wonderful day with us dancing, having fun, smiling and remembering themselves as young children,” said Troy.

During Black History Month, Tommi strives to show and provide representation while educating that history isn’t simply for one month.

“So you mentioned Black History Month, what we’re able to do in this space, as well as the representation in the game, is for young people to recognize it’s not about a month it’s about your life. You are a history-maker,” said Tommi. “So everything you do is creating history that will be on the books and will have the opportunity to inspire future generations.”

And that’s what it’s all about, inspiring the next generation.

They’ll do it again next year at Super Bowl LVIII. So Las Vegas, Nevada, get ready because Troy and Tommi Vincent are coming to your city.