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(WHTM) — Some people watch the Super Bowl for the football, some watch it for the Halftime Show, and some watch it for the commercials.

Year-after-year, the Super Bowl breaks records for the most watched television broadcast in the United States. According to, since the year 2010 the Super Bowl has averaged over 100 million viewers.

From an advertising standpoint, this arguably would be the best place to advertise your product. You’ll get the views and if your commercial is “Super Bowl commercial worthy,” you’ll probably have lots of word-of-mouth.

However, there is a small issue.

Super Bowl commercials are expensive.

Let’s say you work on the advertising team for a relatively new company. You’re looking into advertising your product but don’t know where to start.

Most companies will start promoting locally. According to Skyworks Marketing, you can buy a 30 second commercial on your local television channel for around $5-$10 per 1,000 views.

Let’s say your company starts to grow and you begin selling your product on a national level. According to Statista, you can buy a commercial slot for national television channels starting at $115,000.

Now you’ve made it big, and the logical next step is to purchase a Super Bowl commercial.

There are a lot of different factors when it comes to the cost of buying a commercial, but the average price of Super Bowl commercials is $7 million.

For many companies, investing in Super Bowl commercials has really paid off. Take Budweiser for example.

Most people associate Budweiser with the Clydesdales, who also appear in Budweiser’s iconic commercials. Many people look for the Budweiser commercials just to see the Clydesdales.

Budweiser has spent nearly $500 million on Super Bowl ads, according to Statista. This makes Budweiser the Super Bowl’s largest commercial partner.

Large companies, like Amazon, aren’t afraid to shell out some cash in order to get their name out there. Amazon spent $26 million on their Alexa voice assistant commercial in 2022, making it the most expensive advertisement in Super Bowl history.

Super Bowl commercials are known for being memorable. However, commercials weren’t always the way they are today.

Advertising used to focus heavily on selling the product. For example, if you saw a commercial for a sponge before the 1960’s, it was likely the commercial would show a demonstration of the sponge, provide information about the sponge, and tell you the cost.

Companies still follow this instructional method; however, many companies focus on connecting with the emotions of their audience through storytelling.

In the 1960’s things started to change. Companies started to create stories with their advertisements and focused less on selling the product itself.

Super Bowl commercials almost always tell a story, connecting with the emotions of their viewers. That is what makes these commercials so effective.